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User ID: #49103
Username: Ragzoti
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 22 Feb 2019, 8:36 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 12:09 am

Profile description

Hia! My name's Ragzoti but I'll also go by Ray. I accept friend requests, but if you want to be friends or we met somewhere in my shenanigans, the more the merrier!
He/Him much plz
I have chronic headaches, so I may be up VERY late on weekends, and very tired on weekdays....

I draw arts! Just look in my threads or my signature.
ok new fursona goatboi but so little art riiiip

painting for madmadame,
digital cell for chroma,

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      I play console (xbox). I did play PC during the free weekend, but I don't have a tower to work with since I'd rather not use my laptop which really isn't built for gaming.

    • sorry. i keep hurting my drawing arm lately and havent been near the computer. sorry for the late reply, again. if still interested i'd love a drawing of my character kalai. ill put the pictures under my villagers description of kalai

    • Hey, for the Song Character thing, do you mind if I pay 120 FDs and then something else to make up for the other 30 FDs? I'm sadly very bad at successfully getting FDs and FC in this game.

    • I honestly am not sure how I got said title, but hopefully I am doing a good job, haha. Goodness.

    • :o yisyis slap me on that pinglist fam!!

    • Since I know you're just setting up, I'm not going to post in there, but I absolutely LOVE the idea of Song Themed Painties! I'm literally subbed to the thread, despite it not being done yet. May I make a suggestion for a song?

    • //throw dollars at you by Ol' Mr.Fox

    • i've actually seen your little girl a few times from searching up my username haha ♥

    • LMAO
      it me anywhere but the beach

    • I hope so!! If only I could drive I'd be heading to the coast right now. ;;

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