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Username: Ragzoti
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 22 Feb 2019, 8:36 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 12:09 am

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Hia! My name's Ragzoti but I'll also go by Ray. I accept friend requests, but if you want to be friends or we met somewhere in my shenanigans, the more the merrier!
He/Him much plz
I have chronic headaches, so I may be up VERY late on weekends, and very tired on weekdays....

I draw arts! Just look in my threads or my signature.
ok new fursona goatboi but so little art riiiip

painting for madmadame,
digital cell for chroma,

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    • Its so amazing how far we've come with understanding dinos. Like, literally mind blowing to me

    • god we used to think dinos were so different. Have you ever heard of the crystal palace dinos?

    • lol that picture is great. its so annoying when people complain about new science ruining dinos, as if science even cares. i have a couple silly pictures on velociraptors that i drew, since i think its really neat how different they are vs how the media portrays em.

    • thank you! i really should get back to working on it, i was thinking of redoing the pages since theres not that many but im not sure lol. I have some issues with the earlier pages especially (pronated hands on some of the dinos, and ive definitely gotten better at dino anatomy).

    • Nono I mean I can see it on your drawing! >w< yeah I'm so far from the beach where I live.
      Rocky beaches are still cool! Especially for checking out rock pools for crabs and such. owo

    • aawTysm! <3

    • no kidding? that's awesome! your shark sona is super cool btw. I love sharks!

    • Ah! I can see the beach now ^_^ sweet!! that sounds fun ;w; if I weren't afraid of the sea lmao ...
      I live inland, which is why I miss the beach so much ;A; I can't wait til I can drive, then on nice days I can go visit the beach for a day out~!

    • What's boogie boarding? :O Excuse my ignorance. ;w; I can't see the pic too well but from what I can see it looks cool!

    • Aah awesome!! As much as I love the beach, I'm very afraid of the sea. TwT

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