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User ID: #53152
Username: MomoThePandaBear
Gender: Female
Last Online: 7 Jun 2023, 11:29 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 4:17 pm

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Paintie Shoppe
Art Shoppe
Always check my stall, and if you are seeking any specific items which I can obtain locally, or craft, then don't hesitate to PM me. I will gladly sell to you, or negotiate a trade.
Don't be afraid to ask me a question :3

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    • Hiya,.! To be perfectly honest, I saw how cute your painties were, and I just love them so much. :D I often send friend requests to other people for the strangest reasons, sorry. XD I often draw my characters from time to time, other times it's sketches for lessons in art class. I like to keep them hidden because I'm so shy about them and I feel like I need to improve a bit before showing off any of my art.

    • Gwendyl's paintie was completely custom by myself. I honestly didn't know if she would pass or not, but apparently you can use any costume base for a species that doesn't have a costume base so long as the villager is wearing the appropriate costume.

    • Ohmigod that's adorable. I honestly dont know anything about Cadbury, since it's my first time owning a rodent;;

    • aww, those names are adorablee!! peach is the best name out of those, in my opinion haha
      sometimes i call cadbury sir cadbury ^^

    • oh oops!! totally wrong person too haha
      his name is cadbury!! he's a little brown mouse

    • do you mean the ship name? it'd be something like tempor, or tenest? im not sure tbh lmao
      but if not then im not sure what you're asking for, sorry! ;;

    • Oohhh, their stuff is really cool! It actually reminds me a lot of an artist I admire on tumblr (definitely a different person but, similar way of handling fur and faces).

    • Hah, omg, now you've got me curious! I'd love to see their work. I usually draw humanoids and in a slightly different style than I make my monsters in, though :'D

    • Heh, alas, no! though that is a fun username ngl. I'm usually around the internet as Crimson-Catalyst (sometimes without a dash).

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