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Kirsten | 19 | Female | Straight | Christian | Blogger | Illustrator | Gardener | Community College Student | Sick and Fabulous♿️ ♈️

I will be making premade painties soon so watch out for them if you like my painties!
I'm CheshireWonderland over on ChickenSmoothie and Citranine on Tumblr and DeviantArt, I'm also a bunch of other places under a bunch of different names which you can find links to on my Tumblr!


I am Nebula Fairy's human!
Plant Fairy made made her a fairysona!

Maneka Odo is a tribe of wanderers on the outskirts of Oceandome.
They are generally self-sustaining, only going into the main city to buy needed supplies or to sell off their own creations.

The leader of the tribe is Adelaide, a skunk who was born into the 2nd village. The 2nd village has long since past, but Adelaide remains. She was raised by Maneka Odo and she will not abandon it.

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    • If you ever find a decent place to discuss Christianity and/or Judaism, let me know! It was nice talking with you.

    • That's interesting- it's amazing how many people think they are qualified to say something doesn't exist xD cause our drs are just making stuff up, yeah. Plus that must be hell to deal with, for sure. I've never known anyone with it before so I am just thinking of all the 'autopilot' things our body does - @ You don't know what you have until you don't have it, I suppose.

    • Hi, I saw you on the mental illness thread and I just wanted to let you know I also have PTSD and I am not a veteran, so I feel you on that. It's crazy how many people can't believe something terrible can happen to you and stick with you without being in war. (or even that don't believe it exists in our vets, either) But we are here and we exist! :)

    • Wow thank you! I appreciate it ;u;//

    • He looks fabulous! ;D ((lol collecting coins is like....>_> ))

    • omg thank you for buying my costume!! ;o;

    • Thank you for buying from my store pal!

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