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User ID: #53660
Username: clownplant
Gender: Agender
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 5:29 pm

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nya im inactive

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    • You're welcome!!

    • ah, the timeline for thing sent and friend rq sent were like seconds apart so i was like ayyy lmao
      turns out my profile is popular tonight :"D

    • hmmm anonymous very stealth much wonder B")
      i appreciate the 69 joke :"D thank u!!!

    • ive had teaunicorn taken by someone else twice and i heavily relate lmao its like identity theft :"D like HOW COULD YOU
      i didnt even bother making an account lmao if i cant have teaunicorn i just WONT BE THERE

    • i meant to say they changed their user *gif of milkjug falling over* but they used to be clownplant and its just? such? a specific username? for two people to have? its a pretty username too lmao i love it

    • you have the same username as someone i watch on deviantART and ur artstyle is kinda different but u 2 are so different as people ive been on ur page like 2-3 times like IS THIS CLOWNPLANT OR A WEIRD COINCIDENCE lmao
      also i love looove ur css its so pretty TTUTT

    • I'm asking everyone to just draw Lu for me and I'm just thanking you again for allowing me to adopt this small, precious child.

    • thank you so much for the kind comment on caryn's paintie! <3

    • Oh man, thanks!
      I'm glad someone likes it! =D

    • Thanks for the comment on my dear Starburst <3 I need to adjust her image tho...it stretched weirdly...

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