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User ID: #55167
Username: Sirrophi
Gender: Male
Last Online: 29 Apr 2017, 4:26 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 9:01 pm

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Hi! My name is Sirrophi, I hope we can be friends! I do paintie commissions for $5-$8 Paypal USD only! It costs more the more complex!

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    • Ight I'm up to seeing the lineart. ^^ If you wanna show me now

    • Seems you've been busy but just a gentle reminder you have 400FD waiting in trades for when the paintie art of my fursona is done. I'm not impatient or rude or mad or anything just reminding you, I'm still waiting. x'3

    • thank you! will add you to my list! :D ideally getting most done today!

    • Heya¬¨ I forgot to ping! I'll take your commission, (feel free to delete this comment haha.)
      Just send the payment if you havent already, and I'll do your two pixels!

    • Thanks for the FC! Have fun breeding the sharkies!

    • @wintersoldier641 Really? I'm surprised, since his name is Blurrybeast and most of his patterns are from the album cover, and he's only red, black and white

    • Thank you for the compliment!! :') I think you're the first person to recognize his theme.

    • @Starsync It's a free to use pixel badge someone made, so you can use it if you want, can't remember the forum thread for the life of me

    • where did you get the wicker in your sig its AMAZING

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