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User ID: #56037
Username: Pesticide
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Nov 2020, 2:01 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 11:21 pm

Profile description

I no longer play FV. You can find me on FR though!

Villagers 15

Comments 80

    • Just as soon as it came, it left... lol (my villagers are fine now :>)

    • Your thread got locked, but uh... All mine are "sick" too...

    • Thank you sooo much! ^u^ for the octi

    • If you win Teak it'll be a twin to my Little Dala

    • Never an issue xD I don't resent it, after all, I'd bid for something too if I wanted it, no matter who else was bidding

    • I hope you get the Ro puppy ^^ I already have 3 villagers with work by her anyway, Shadrock, Mikael and Zero Skullz. Btw, your gallery is amazing, damn

    • AWWWWWH! Thank you! That's very sweet! owo

    • Hah! Nice catch on that cake... I need to keep a closer eye on that stuff! XP

    • Whoops. Enjoy the discounted cake! On the house XD

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