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Username: bananapls
Registered: 26 Dec 2016, 12:08 pm

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When Bae says my derpings are amusing~
((Sometimes when I'm basking in Creep 's labbu, I play FV on my laptop, just in case there's an IP flag~!))

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Oddbird Hatchy Egg by Koboldgolfing ~!

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    • I love all of your painties :)

    • MERRU. THANK YOU. ;_; Your silence does not bother me one bit! You're such a sweetheart all the time and aaaggghhh. <3 <3

    • 8hrs is some goooood sleep, proud of you!! ;w; Hopefully the rest of the weekend is full of long hours for sleeping, too. <3 <3 u

    • Hope your weekend is good, and that putting things together goes easy.~~ Try and get in some r&r while you're there. <3

    • Miss you.~

    • <33

    • No u. <.< YOU'RE ADORABLE MERRU.
      Moue told me you're sick. ;_; I hope you feel better soon! *sends all the warm hugs*

    • Were you by any chance at Momocon? I noticed that you said you were at a con this past weekend. ^_^

    • Merrruuuuu. ;_; You so nice. <3 Thank you! ;A; *hugs* I love them aalllllll!

    • <3 you

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