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Username: thekingtheory
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:17 pm

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Douglas | 21 | (trans) male, he/him | artist & occasional costume-maker | VA | vegan who loves daiya cheese too much

Hi there! You can call me Doug. I'm a freelance artist that, when not drawing, spends most of my time with my partner.

I have a cat named Slobber that I love dearly even though she's a mess.

As far as media goes, I enjoy TF2, MGS, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Star Trek (TOS, VOY, and DS9 especially), Undertale, and a bit of Star Wars.

Darling is my main fursona, and I love him dearly.

some things to note
- please only add me if we know each other or have talked a few times. if I follow you on twitter, furaffinity, or deviantart, you're good!
- I don't feel comfy getting close to people who're under 18. you can still talk to me, but I will be cautious

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Comments 26

    • Just dropping in to say your art style ROCKS

      Also VA is lit

    • Love your art style!!

    • I followed you on FA! :3 I love your villagers btw :3

    • I love your paintie style ;0; Lovely work my friend.


    • I love your aty! :3

    • Thank you for the gift and nice painties.

    • Aww T~T Thank you!! (and you're welcome :3 Ribbon is currently mastering all the medications from each town so I'm trying to send 100% ones to people in each town we do... about halfway done with Olde Foxbury!!)

    • You have a really cool style with your patinies !

    • Phibbles are the greatest and most pure species I've ever seen, thank you for bringing them into this world

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