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User ID: #5797
Username: reaperbird
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 2:25 pm

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I'm reaperbird, or you can call me Alori or Jay! I'm a 24yo digital artist from the US. I promise I don't bite!

Please use they/them pronouns for me.

main blog | art blog


I do free-to-use base edits that can all be found in the Free to use Paintie Database.


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    • tY fam!

    • omg yeah i already got one fjdklf they were way cheaper than i expected them to be tbh

      thank u for the offer tho !!

      and yeah i submitted him yesterday, hopefully i wont have to wait too long ;v; im working on recoil now

    • eHE i honestly do wanna do recoil too tbh, i designed em as a pair after all *v*

      i should..probably save up for another house item

    • Hi Alori! It's been a while. It's Papyrus from FR. :>

    • Awe, thanks! :)

    • Just wanted you to know I used your Saluki base for a Paintie here: Henry Fox

    • ah, thank you kind soul <3

    • screAMS WHAT TO HECK thank u omg,, ;v; u are also Very Rad

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