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User ID: #60249
Username: Skychickens
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 14 Jun 2019, 9:48 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:52 pm

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I need to really update this profile.

Hello there~! Not sure how you came to be here but thanks regardless. Most of my villagers are named after pets I have or had. I also really like designing ponies so I have a lot of pony OCs that may make it on here since most of my other animalistic OCs are a bit too humanoid for the site. C'est la Vie.

You can also find me on these sites with these names:
FlightRising: Skychickens
Toyhou.se: Skychickens
Deviantart: LillianInk/BraileHarte
(I don't internet much anymore oops.)


Villagers 11

Comments 16

    • It's just amazing. I mean, I love birds.. chickens included. I would love to see the little fatties just gracefully zooming through the sky. ^u^

    • Your username makes me beyond happy. *u*

    • You are absolutely welcome!! ^_^ Thank you so much for helping out :D

    • so they won't be allowed in the house or else they make a mess everywhere

    • Hey, a quick question, why do Lilly and Autumn both have slimy stuff? Is it something to do with a backstory or something? I wanna know more! .w.

    • Also idk if you noticed yet but your villager Clarence is by ammoth :P

    • I'm so sorry

    • Hello! Thank you for entering the thank the staff free raffle, ur entry has been noticed! However plz number ur entry which is 8~ plz edit ur comment when possible!~

    • I mean Ferny is just my Username but i can see how you think that would be a nickname
      Fer-Fer is good though

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