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User ID: #60254
Username: scariuy
Last Online: 25 Aug 2020, 7:28 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 5:54 pm

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(bisexual confusedish LGBT child here)

Hi! I'm mostly active on FR. I do have an art shop, and although I mainly take USD I'm open to FR currency as well. I have a plan for all my villagers and hopefully will be able to get paintie funding for all of them.

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    • oopsie! :^)
      i have no FD atm but i'll save up. it takes me quite a while to get FD so i wont be able to get a commission in a.. long time, heh. how much would it be for a single paintie anyways?

    • ah ok! i totally understand. i wouldn't want to make you feel overworked or anything like that

      unfortunately, i am not able to buy art with USD nor do i use FR, but i do wish you luck on getting more customers. but when you do/if you reopen furvilla currency commissions i'll be sure to save up some furdollars to get a commission done (unless you're not going planning to open fv currency slots?)
      ^^ i find your art style quite interesting!

    • hello! i know your art shop is currently closed but i was just wondering if you'd possibly accept doing a paintie for a magic highland gem raptor plush (it's worth is 1500FD in stalls)

    • Alright. Choose any pet you'd like from my menagerie, or anything from my stall! :)

    • Hello again! For your art shop I'm wondering If you'd take pets that are worth the 500FD?

    • Hello again! My username was also changed recently (I was Pollyanna) so I understand if you didn't recognize me at first haha
      I hope you're doing well :D

    • Thank you for your purchase : )

    • I now have 90% mastery of Flying Daisies, a non-native plant! Your idea was pretty great, I think, and I hope we can trade seeds again sometime soon. :)

    • Sure, that sounds like a fantastic idea! I'll send 10 Venus Fly Trap seeds in return. :)

    • Hey thanks so so much for the comment on Tytonis!! Rambler's Paintie is pretty awesome!!

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