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User ID: #61761
Username: ButterflyBones
Gender: Female
Last Online: 22 Dec 2021, 1:51 am
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 10:35 pm

Profile description

Hello, I'm yuni.~<3

DA: FiveEyedBeast
CS: ~Butterfly Bones~
Gaionline: -Ghastly Demise-
IG: @fiveeyedbeast
DV:Butterflybones #9040

I have Social anxiety And Dyslexic

Waifu: bitsiespider

Villagers 15

Comments 13

    • Thank you~ Enjoy!

    • Oh that's great (that you're close to your goal) please let me know when you get your (fur)baby to the vet <3 I hope you can get that last 100 soon!!!!

    • how's your cat doing?

    • can you give me a ping when your stitched to perfection shop is opened up? (just in case i forget to stop in)

    • your painties are gorgeous! when you open again I must get you to do one of my fellas

    • I love your painties and your style! Will you open for customs again?

    • I'm good, nice to see you on here!

    • I found a Yuni! :o

    • ....*Grabby hands* I will draw...... Curses you! DX
      That sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out later once I get home. Some of my favorite series are Death note, K Project, SnK, and Monster is getting up there as well. Same with parasite. And Death parade. Too many good things to watch

    • Oh? Always looking for good manga to read! I think I've heard of that before. What's it about? The wolf sword is actually really cool. I hadn't thought about that before. Must resist urge to draw...

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