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Username: RedlaSunShowers029
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Last Online: 17 Jan 2022, 8:43 am
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Chomp army art courtesy of NihilisticCake


Redla | Female | Pansexual | Neurodivergent As Fuck | Shameless Furry | Aspiring Novelist (Creative Writing Major)
Love: Be More Chill | TGWDLM | The Borrowers | Beastars | Phineas & Ferb | Avatar The Last Airbender | Arthur and the Invisibles | Grounded

I have no eyes please forgive me if I misread your posts!


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    • Aw thanks, I’ll let you know when it’s done!”

    • ah thank you!! and I like diamonds so incorporating my bg into the villagers seemed fun ehehe

    • Thanks so much for the tip! Have a nice day!

    • Alright, I'll get started! Can you link me the characters tha tneed art?

    • Hi, so i couldn;t find the thread, but you were looking for art so I was wondering what you want for https://toyhou.se/8423547.pitaia and if you don't remember, my ty is -MintiiDrop- if you want examples.

    • I looked carefully at your stall and I don't quite see anything I need at the moment, argh I'm sorry. I'm pretty good on feast fairies too 'cause I don't actually eat them.

      If I see anything you stock in the future while I'm trollin' the stalls, I'll be sure to say something. I'm kinda' greedy with my pets right now cause it's the main way I make FC to buy pets from others. <:)

    • Hey! Which things are you interested in? My main need is FC (to buy pets to dump in the forest), but I think I could work out a trade if you let me know what you're lookin' for!

    • She's my first paintie too! Tysm!!

    • Of course! Have a wonderful Holiday! <3

    • omg thanks so much for the shoutout on the artist recommendation thread! that really made my day ;w;

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