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Username: Lunawolf44
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| Luna | Female | Aries | Ravenclaw | Team Mystic | INTP |

Note to admins: I'm Kitsunechaos18's sister, so we share the IP addresses.

A group of friends, having known each other for most of their lives decided it would be a nice idea to stick together as one big group. Their house is on Quetzal Palace territory, near the border of the village. It's a pretty nice house, with two levels and a path behind it leading to the outskirts of town. The way it's built is more friendly toward flying villagers, but there are still plenty of stairs for grounded ones.

A little workshop is on the side of the house, which is where Asada builds things like stables and pots. Elaine also uses it whenever she makes costumes. Next to it is another workshop, this time holding the supplies that Scorch uses in his blacksmithing. Around back is a garden, where Anubis grows all the plants he needs for the potions he makes. Past that is a field, a beautiful open area full of many different types of flowers and plants. On the side of the field is a stable, where Cirrus, Seraphina and Lily keep the animals they tame and breed. On the roof there is a guard tower built to look like a little house, where the resident Barghest, Sharama, lives and watches for danger.

The house itself is rather spacious, with the main things like the kitchen and laundry room on the bottom floor and everyone's rooms on the top floor. Something quite interesting throughout the entire house though is that along every wall are potted plants. This is so Cirrus can "see" inside a building she normally wouldn't be able too. Though she's blind, she can sense the life force of the plants, therefore allowing her to navigate the halls.

One of the rooms on the bottom floor is especially for Angel, which is where she mixes up all the medicines she creates. each of the villager's rooms are personalised to their own liking, so Scorch's is full of little trinkets, Lucifer's if full of electronics, and Aurelia's is full of shiny stuff.

My name is Luna! She/Her pronouns please. I'm also a beta tester, so if you're ever confused about something just ask! Feel free to talk and shoot me a message anytime if you want to chat. I don't bite :3 I'm always trading QP seeds for ones in other villages, so if you need any just say so. I'm drowning in common plants.

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    • Sorry i didn't notice sooner, but he's great! :D I think he turned out awesome, thank you so much!

    • I'm glad you like her!

      You're 100% allowed to sell or trade her when you get tired of her btw I don't mind :)

    • I finished your design!

      Hope you like it ;o;

    • Hope we can be friends, whats your name?

    • You got a nice profile

    • ty for the jack-o-lantern fam!

    • whoops! sorry i should have looked at the info ill go fix it

    • Before pls!

    • No problem! And sorry, I accidentally typed non-transparent when I meant only transparent. Whoops.

      Fanwings Unite!

    • Here you go, if you want a non-transparent profile pic xD OoYf6AB.jpg
      I'm random, so you can ignore me if you want :P

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