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Villager: Percy



Villager Info

ID: #234193

Name: Percy

Gender: Male

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 7 months ago

Career: Crafter

Owner: Lunawolf44

Feast Points: 0 (164 All-Time)

Species: Big Cat

Color: Tiger


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/249)

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Percy looks stunning!


Percy is a big sweetheart, caring about everyone and wanting nothing more than peace and happiness for the world. He is very shy and has strong anxiety, but his friends try to help him with it. Everyone is always telling him he apologizes too much, and they are not wrong. He loves his friends more than anything, and despite his fears would (or at least try to) do anything to protect them. His onyx earring was a gift from his mother, as the black stones are said to relieve negative emotions, such as fear. It is very precious to him, and it is almost impossible to find him without it. He loves to draw and create things, and in his free time he loves to sit in nature, sketching or reading a book. He likes to sculpt things for his friends, making tiny sculptures or jewelry as gifts. He is actually bisexual, though prefers females. He has a crush on Lily, and likes to draw and chat with her when he gets the chance. They are very similar in nature, and they understand each other's problems. He is pessimistic, cynical and very untrusting, so it takes a lot to get him to let his guard down around you. He's extremely jumpy and nervous, so don't try to sneak up on and jumpscare him or you might accidentally give him a heart attack. He is very intelligent, and will often "nerd out" when correcting someone or talking about something he's interested in. His Sneep Shira is an emotional support animal given to him by Cirrus, and the fluffy little creature is almost always with him.

Gender: Male
Birthday: August 28th
Likes: Safety, friends, drawing, singing, reading, art, making things
Dislikes: His anxiety, danger, recklessness, pain, scary things, spicy foods
Favorite foods: Meat, blueberries, muffins
Favorite colors: Blue and green

My lovely Fursona :D Gorgeous paintie by bookshelph thanks so much!

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    • What a cool dude!

    • Such pretty colours~♡

    • Thanks for the complement! your colors are very nice <3

    • Just another Percy peeking in ;D

    • Hello Percy, I'm also Percy XD

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