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User ID: #68592
Username: itsbreezy
Gender: Female
Last Online: 1 Aug 2021, 11:03 pm
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 3:21 pm

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bree/breezy┆she/her┆high school student┆1 hr ahead┆refresh the page to get a new user box below! qwq

update: idk how else to say this but i'm not a furry anymore lol i left this place 3 years ago. i have 1.9 million furcash & 700 furdollars if you want any, maybe if you're lucky i'll sign in for nostalgia's sake and give away some!


i have an art and paintie shoppe here, check it out!


i am the creator of everything on my account (my vista, my painties, the css even tho i used a base) except for Ren's paintie and Pip's lineart. their artists are in their descriptions <3

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    • Your forum vista (and aesthetic in general hhh) is beautiful *Q* may I ask who made it?

    • Ahhhhh ;___; Thank you then! I really appreciate it. <3 I can always use them, because I do deadly monsters/deadlier monsters and it eats all my charges. X3

    • Ahhhhh ;_; You're sweet, you don't have to transfer me anything, especially if you'll need these! I have loads of the kitties from last month breeding for a super rare, and I thought it would be good to go through my friends and see if anyone needed them before I put them all on the tree or exchanged them for fur gems. D:
      Are you sure you won't use these? ;_;

    • the shop link on your profile still goes to the old shop, which is why I pinged you there c: You might wanna fix that!

    • Nah, this is all a soap opera, you've got amnesia, you ave I have been married for twelve years. It's cool, I'll look after the kids until you recover. But I'll be tearfully making out with random women in closets. Also our dog ran away to join the circus, but he's back now. He's got a girlfriend. I don't approve of her.

    • Darn. XD it's not all that exciting--I've got a friend who goes by...Breezles usually I think? I haven't talked to her in a while, but we randomly bump into each other on sites. I always call her Bree or Breebles, and she knows me as Chicken--and originally met me when I was sharing an account on another site with my gf Nanny Goat. Thus, Chicken&Nanny Goat, Breebles, etc. Your Kieran--I saw him and your art reminds me of hers? So I figured I'd see. (Now I want a tv show that has a Breebles though xD)

    • This is either very random and you can ignore it, or an amusing coincidence--uh, as Chicken, does it mean anything if i call you Breebles? Or uhm, does Chicken&Nanny Goat mean anything to you? If not, cool. If so, hiiiii

    • I stayed up hours after I needed to go to sleep to get #234567 haha, I was so happy to let myself sleep after that :')

    • Thank you for your purchase!

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