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User ID: #69136
Username: Krepta
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 6:20 pm

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henlo i am krep
i like emo music and american horror story
i draw occasionally and do cheapish crappy commissions

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    • alrighty! thanks again for doing this <3

    • aa yeah i've got about 100kfc to spare [b]because the other 100k is for the wickers and i'll be broke after this :))[/s] i hope that's enough for an icon?

    • heeyy im wondering if you do icon commissions? your art style is adorable!

    • hey! sorry to bother but im wondering if you could send me an image for the #0002 adopt that i bought. you removed it from the forum before i had a chance to download it :,))

    • hello this is a little random but just suddenly seeing your art lately you've improved so much and I absolutely adore how your charries in your sig have so much personality!! That's so good!!! I really hope you still find joy in doing art because you have so much energy in your style and it's spunky and awesome and <3

    • Im gay

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