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User ID: #723
Username: Velociraptor
Gender: Dromaeosaur
Last Online: 21 Sep 2019, 7:32 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

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My name is Vos and I'm an artist and supporter of any and every dinosaur with feathers
I'm the creator of the Ringbearers.

5pfM1fY.png gos6vOr.png

Villagers 27

Comments 61

    • my beautiful firend :)

    • I use GIMP for the main editing, and Sai to draw.... But what's this thing you speak of? *Huddles closer as if a secret of the Illuminati*

    • You're welcome. I'm trying to make my own right now and grr... I hate hand tremors. Thank goodness for Sai's curve tool.... -^-\||

    • rawr

    • thank you for your purchase

    • i sat at the computer watching the countdown like a HAWK.... i dont even like this username but i just wanted that id man


    • how do you get your bio to be centered like that?? i've tried but it never works :o

    • Yeah, I feel that x~x And awh thank you!! Their name is Glut, and I'm working on a paintie to turn one of my villagers into them. Progress is slow, but,, I'm getting there,,,
      AND OH MY GOSH THIS IS SUCH A COOL CHARACTER HOLY HECK! *A* He long indeed, I assume this is the character in your icon?

    • Same QQ Not a bad move on the mods behalf, though, to be honest, what with what was going on,,, BUT YEE no problem!! :D

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