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Username: Hawks
Gender: Male
Registered: 9 Dec 2016, 11:04 pm

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    • I saw Sombra in your signature and was reminded just how gay I am. *Holds out wrists* Take me away and lock me up in gay baby jail.

    • Just wanted to thank you for the ping on the thread, but I'm currently buying them at 40fd each, and they say they won't take anything under 60fd. So, seeing how there's still 15 in the MP under 60fd, I'll pass on buying theirs xD;

    • no i will never get in the bag

    • XD Yes it is now a ship with Howler and Jess XD

    • I was only looking for dA points, but apparently that's not allowed.

    • I recently received a friend request from you, may I ask why?

    • Ive probably said this before but neBBY GET IN THE GODDAMN BAG

    • thanks for buying from my stall. great username

    • I got it! Thanks so much - this whole Cooking Competition / Feast has quite frankly run me dry. XD

    • hands down best username 10/10

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