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User ID: #76281
Username: Faunicorn
Gender: Female
Registered: 11 Dec 2016, 1:56 pm

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Female - FL - 25
notice: away for El Día de los Reyes Magos and celebrating with family till sunday


cervine, unicorns and glitter, oh my
My favourite animals are from the deer family!

I'm Fauni, My goal here is to flood the place with pastel painties and obnoxiously cute unicorns and stars, but until then I'm working how to get around on this site. Tips and advice appreciated!

Just a note my boyfriend also plays! We live together and play from the same IP!

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✨ I accept all friend requests ✨

✨ If you want to make my day, send me a deer plush ✨

✨Magical or not, idc! I collect caribou especially tho! ✨

✨The last unicorn is my favourite movie! ✨

✨ I also love Unico! ✨

Mythic costume for Elysian
- need: Frozen tokens (100/100) - ⭐ COMPLETE
- Mythic Fang ⭐COMPLETE
- Mythic costume: ⭐ COMPLETE
- Cat morphing potion ⭐ COMPLETE
- Custom paintie: in process
- Paintie ticket: in process

Gallery wants:
White uni ⭐ GOT
Appaloosa Uni ⭐ GOT
Stardust Uni ⭐ GOT
Adorned Uni ⭐ GOT
Caribou Plush: 25/25 ⭐ GOT
Red Nose: 25/25 ⭐ GOT
White Tail: 0/25
Fallow Deer: 2/25

100 Pots for Elysium (100/100) ⭐ COMPLETE

Saving goal:
802K / 1 mil

Villagers 10

Comments 20

    • I have a Red Nosed Deer Plush and a Caribou Deer Plush too! Would you like to trade something for them? (Also, I have the Last Unicorn, one of my childhood movie favorites!)

    • The last unicorn is one of my favorite movies!! Glad to see someone else that's seen it. c:

    • Ah omg thank you so much <3 you're such a sweetie!
      Haha Crys looks so suprised <33

    • Your avatar and siggy <3 That movie is my childhood

    • YESSS unicorns forever!! i want an entire army of unicorns with which to overthrow furvilla!
      thank u btw!!!

    • That's a good idea! I'm not sure a few artists would allow that but i can try :0 im still deciding what theme i want because im so indecisive ;^;

    • *gives you a friendly unicorn wave*
      also ur profile is so cute and pastel! i love it!!

    • Ooh ive never seen it! :0
      Also omgggg pastels are my favorite... I'm kinda trying to come up with a theme for my profile and probably have all my villagers match so i might have to make the decision to unfortunately sell some and it breaks my heart

    • THANK YOU !!<3

    • Your profile is so cute? I love the colours and how it's organised <3

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