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User ID: #8305
Username: DoubleInfinity
Gender: Female
Last Online: 10 May 2018, 11:54 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:58 pm

Villagers 10

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    • <3 thank you! Hope you have a lovely day!

    • Ahh, thank you! She'll be a very welcome addition as a tailor ^_^ did you intend to leave the pets in her stables also, or would you like them sent back?

    • I think you probably meant to send Kai to someone else, or maybe you didn't mean to send her to anyone at all?

    • Muahaha. Kaos' evil plan is working XD Seriously though, if the Quickstock loaded better for me I'd just discard them!

    • They're darling but I'm maxed out and hands full with my current cuties SMOOCHES YOU thank you tho darling~

    • That is very sweet of you, and I really appreciate the gesture!

    • I apologize for rejecting Kai if they were meant as a gift! I do not have space. No worries if it was possibly a mistake!

    • T~T <3 Thank you!!

    • You're very welcome :)

    • lol you're welcome the shields don't go for a profit in the market so I may as well give them away, since buttholes want to sell for less than the money and supplies put into stuff haha. I want max durability shields too, so I am just building up my blacksmith's skill

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