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Username: Lunila
Gender: Female
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 11:38 am

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    • i am to tbh, i am actually taking FC (i actually prefer FC anyways)
      i can totally accept 400k FC for em' ;O;
      just let me know where to send the TH transfer for em' ;v;

    • tbh im not sure exactly how much i'd want for snek, just offer tbh ;O;
      (i'll most likely take the offer you give me, most of the characters in that folder i just want gone ;; )

    • Thank you!! I'll set up a trade and send you the unwatermarked version soon!

    • no problem!! I would've had your last costume done by now but I goofed and selected the wrong career on my tailor :') should be done in 90 minutes <3

    • Haha, thanks, I wasn't sure if it did, was kind of hoping it wouldn't so I wouldn't ping all those people again XD
      I just always format my replies like that
      haha, thanks though

    • You're welcome~ It's a visual novel site with a dress-up feature and familiars.

    • Eldarya!

    • Oh you can keep those! I forgot about them but it's fine. xD

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