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User ID: #84099
Username: Animecafe102
Gender: Female
Last Online: 13 May 2021, 6:35 pm
Registered: 7 Jan 2017, 12:41 pm

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Gonna change this eventually when I stop being lazy, I just didn't like what I had before lol. I need a profile CSS at some point too my page is so boring XD

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    • its okay ^^ thanks~ Just letm e know when you saved the image and ill delete it off my villager

    • sweet oaky! sending! do you want the css too?

    • sure ^^ I could let it go for maybe about 200FD? Or a paintie ticket so I can make a new paintie for him? Or would you wanna go cheaper?

    • aww thank you for both the kidn comments ^^ If you want, I could sell effigys paintie and his css/character if you want? I would just keep the villager as hes my only doctor xD

    • Yeah I'm pretty sure :3 I can send you a non-watermarked resize one if you want

    • Ah sorry for the late replies
      Since it expired so I simply lock the thread but if you want it I can hand it to you

  • Comment has been hidden

    • No problem! The artist did an incredible job and you have a wonderful concept for thinking of him! Were you planning on doing more custom villagers or just him for now? o3o

    • Thank you for purchasing! :)


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