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User ID: #86583
Username: squiid
Gender: Male
Last Online: 11 Apr 2021, 4:07 pm
Registered: 1 Feb 2017, 6:25 am

Profile description

need me some gooey galactic slime mmmmhmm!!

aah! !! call me sludge please!!!
he/him 23, native of Ocean Dome!!

INTJ/Chaotic Good/ambivert/realist

I am the creator and owner of the SKWEEZ closed species

and ah,,,,I draw a lot!! you can check my websites in my forum sig!! i do commissions too!! just hit me up with a PM!!



1905-galactic-slime.png1898-shadow-slime.png 1868-cryo-waste.png 1869-molten-waste.png 1904-toxic-candycorn.png

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Comments 19

    • Hmm
      I see that you love Vaporwave as well
      Nice to finally meet another intellectual

    • Thankyou so much ahsggs <33

    • Imoku nah it wasnt a mistake! like i said, ive got plenty of barbarians :D

    • unless it was a mistake ahdnbs do you want one back?? ;w;

    • wAH omg you didn't have to give me two!! thanks so much fren ;w;/

    • cheetahgirl7 i dont have anything to offer in return though

    • i have a few toxic candy corn if you want them

    • @beakybirds aa thank you ;w; im in love with how it looks

    • The vista looks so cute with your icon. ;0;

    • Oh my goodness, I just saw that you used my art as your icon! I am honored <3

      Thank you a ton

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