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User ID: #86840
Username: Poofygirl
Gender: Loöp Bröther
Last Online: 9 Jul 2020, 10:33 am
Registered: 4 Feb 2017, 4:39 pm

Profile description

I'm not a furry I swear *runs*.
always looking for art of my characters! (I will pay ofc)

Villagers 11

Comments 51

    • totes malotes dog

      i have the same username as here

    • Nooo! xD Thanks so much haha.

    • That's the sweetest thing!! Thank you ;__; ❤

    • That's the rare one!!!!!!!!!! are you interested in a trade? :'''D (do you need the sloth/orca?)

    • I thought I hit reject earlier, because I honestly have no idea(probably just forgot) what the trade is for. o.o"

    • Thank you very much friend, you are very nice!!

    • hehe aww thank you!

    • :D Yeeeeeeees!

    • If you'd like to :) I've currently already got one for my current set of villagers, I'd just need the paintie tickets for them lol
      The ones I don't have any painties for are the Fox, Bee, Velociraptor and of course the Shifty

    • How did you find out my plans?! Who sent you! *slowly pokes with sharpened pencil*
      That is legitimately what I'm doing with my character Kepler tho yes

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