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User ID: #86929
Username: vwitchlock
Gender: none gender left boy
Registered: 5 Feb 2017, 8:21 pm

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DMM native!



howdy !! im arlyah and im not sure what im doing!


im not really one to start a conversation unless im selling/drawing you something,
so if youre interested in talking to me please shoot me a pm !!
sorry if i dont end up replying, a lot of the times i get rly overwhelmed or dont know
what to say so i end up leaving it until i can talk but by then its too late hgbkshb


arlyah ( are-lee-ah )

lee / clown / vince / alex / hey you

DOB / Age:
26.05.02 / 18




- d&d
- moths
- cartoons
- video games
- character design
- clowns!!!!!

- beetles*
- taxidermy**
- hypocrites
- bigotry
- art theft / reposting

*only irl!
i think beetles are cool to look at
but irl they freak me out :o(

**entomotaxy (pinned bugs) is fine!

- homestuck
- fallout
- hlvrai
- pokémon
- my little pony
- critical role
- the adventure zone
- invader zim

Fun Facts:
- i love just about everything d&d
- i have depression! thats not really a fun fact but its still a fact
- i can barely ever stay connected to my ocs. of the hundreds
ive made and adopted i care about like,, 10 of them
- mlp is a Big Comfort of mine and has been since i was like. three
- i would honestly die for any ghost type pokemon. i love them all
- i make stupid self inserts for just about everything bc cringe culture is dead
im also always up for showing them (and all the stupid stupid self indulgent oc x canon art) off.

Bad Things/Triggers:
- fingernail and toenail damage/trauma!!! please dont mention anything about nail damage or send pictures or anything !!!! please please please dont




- get every moth minipet (3/4)
- get every flutter bandit minipet (2/4)
- decide on town name, lore, etc.
- get a paintie for every one of my villagers
- buy cute adopts and draw them a lot
- make cute adopts and sell them a lot




css credit to snowflakeartist !!
credit to images used in my bio are linked on the images !!
outer background image: x
inner background image: x

Villagers 12

Comments 7

    • Been stalking your thread since you posted it :'0
      Already wrote my order out h could you ping me when it opens?

    • nah man, you're the 413/10'iest of them all

    • Thanks so much for replacing my smashed jack o' lantern!

    • Aaa I just wanted to drop by and say you have a really cool art style, and I too love memes and Homestuck :oo lmao I'm bad at friendship introductions but ye

    • Nope! I was Just Kitten! i only have 110500 FC and 750 FD in my bank (which is not a lot, going by the stalls :s)

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