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User ID: #92064
Username: OneSmartChicken
Gender: Demigirl
Last Online: 16 Apr 2018, 3:43 pm
Registered: 16 Apr 2017, 10:12 pm

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I have no idea what's happening.
Stand-in profile
CSS by the amazing alxq
Here. Admire my art.


Note: I frequently comment on villager profiles. Usually it is in-character for my active.
Also the more embarrassed I am the more formal I talk apparently.
Also I like chickens. And goats. And cats.

Villagers needing painties pronto:
Becky or a shifty version of Ai
Possibly a recolor for Taj
Maybe a shifty velociraptor for Genna

"What the hell is your av?"
It's a wherry, from Pern, but. Chickenified.
In other news, if you'd like to rp DRoP hit me up


Villagers 11

Comments 55

    • Sneks are awesome!
      Thank you a lot :D

    • this is super late, but thank you ;v;

    • Such patience when I try to draw I always got annoyed cause I can never get it right then give up

    • Ahhh looks like the notifications got buried in the sea, just saw your art and I have to say it's amazing, I really like your personal project and have to say it must be worth the weeks spent

    • Art Is priced quite high, but sad me never had artistic talent lolol, may I see ur art by the way :D

    • Maybe forums wil, give u better luck? All I know Is that I can't afford one

    • Ai, The pastel looks sooo cute! And I can't code too :( not even after like 1 lesson per school week for a year *lets cry together * I don't think I can get the pastel too thou, Im hoping the prices will drop

    • My template Is actually a free for all one *covers mouth*, so I'm jelly of you being able to make or buy one! And I totally understand the hognose addiction, sneks were always My fav animal, sad thing it costs FD to buy a box, and quite expensive too

    • Thank you! Glad to spread the snake love. I'm so happy that you had such luck! And I know the hognose Is sooo cute! We can try together about them being only able to breed for a month :( as for charges, I only have 150 snakes so far, so I don't need them yet~~ thanks for offering and your potion!

    • Thank you so much!

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