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User ID: #92064
Username: OneSmartChicken
Gender: Demigirl
Last Online: 16 Apr 2018, 3:43 pm
Registered: 16 Apr 2017, 10:12 pm

Profile description

I have no idea what's happening.
Stand-in profile
CSS by the amazing alxq
Here. Admire my art.


Note: I frequently comment on villager profiles. Usually it is in-character for my active.
Also the more embarrassed I am the more formal I talk apparently.
Also I like chickens. And goats. And cats.

Villagers needing painties pronto:
Becky or a shifty version of Ai
Possibly a recolor for Taj
Maybe a shifty velociraptor for Genna

"What the hell is your av?"
It's a wherry, from Pern, but. Chickenified.
In other news, if you'd like to rp DRoP hit me up


Villagers 11

Comments 55

    • Yay, chicken poke!

      You're welcome. ^^ Chickens are precious babies, and yours is particularly cool-looking, especially the whispy tail. Making nicely-organized but organic flowy hair is so difficult, but you pulled it off great.

      I've got a villager set aside for when Kiwiggle releases her chicken base, aw ye. If silkies don't become a thing, they're going to be made a thing. >:D

      *casual ace high five and obligatory slice of baked dessert*

    • Aaa Sorry if this is abrupt but your art is really pretty looking!! :D

    • Whers are totes boss, yo

    • oh okay!! that's so interesting omg, i never go by breezy online until i found furvilla and my usual username was taken :') maybe we met in another universe or life somewhere, who knows?

    • sorry but i have no idea what that means, breezy's just a nickname people call me! is that from a tv show or something? now i'm super curious ;v;

    • whoa
      nice profile pic

    • I'm laughing I figured out why your art seemed familiar. We both use "chicken draws" as an art tag on tumblr.

    • you have good taste in animals

    • why

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