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User ID: #9295
Username: Siarczek
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:45 pm

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Cináed. INTJ. Any pronouns.

I am not very active here anymore. The best way to contact me is via Discord: Cináed#6465

Tumblr | DeviantArt | FurAffinity |
Toyhou.se | FlightRising | ChickenSmoothie

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    • Hi!! Tysm for the giving tree drop! :)

    • Hi!! Tysm for the giving tree drop! :)

    • I appreciate it!! <33

    • ah, I feel bad taking them for 20 FD- are you absolutely sure there's nothing I can add on?

    • For both?? Or a piece? And I did, tysm!

    • Whatever you think is reasonable!! I'm not good with pricing- also thank you for the huge gift tree drop!! <33

    • Hi!! Would you be willing to sell your Bony Ectoplasms for lower than what you have them in your stall?

    • I absolutely love your painties!! Your css is beautiful too!

    • Sorry that I couldn't do more. Have a fantastic birthday anyway!! And fabulous work on your art skills- they're superb!! ^_^

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