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Username: Khoufu
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 18 Apr 2024, 7:03 pm
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Icon by bidoyinn on FA

My OCs! Peego and Khoufu are my sonas. Banner images by boilmaboi

My main sona is Peego, a map turtle from the planet Pietae. (green below)
Art by Judah
Pietae is the only reptilian terraformed planet with intelligent mammalian cohabitants. Peego is an anthropologist and sociologist. The grey one is from Tarozin, a neighboring planet, and is a biologist. Together they study life on other alien worlds.

Peego is an OC that I made up when I was 8. I wrote stories twice a week about our adventures together in space, so it was only fitting that I made them my sona when I became a furry almost a year ago.
Art by callmebisky on fa

In my original stories, there ended up somehow being a love triangle between Peego, the stone turtle (Trina), and myself. Also, Peego was genderfluid, because every time I referred to them, their pronoun was different. Keep in mind, I was 8 and this was 2003/2004. I didn't know about genderfluid until 10 years later.

Now, fast forward several years, and I have a whole backstory for how Peego, Trina, and several other species ended up evolving on planets terraformed on the opposite side of the galaxy. In short, a scientist decided to actually perform genetic modifications that were suggested at a party, and snuck incubators of the turtle mods, which were originally turtles from Earth during the Jurassic period, onto several of the terraformed planets before he could officially get caught.

Peego is the captain of an exploration ship that spends several months learning about other planets through immersion. She enjoys thrift shops and the like, because there are all sorts of objects that people have used at some point, which is interesting to compare to what is sold new at major stores. Peego takes random thrift shop finds and takes them to social spaces where she asks locals about the items.
art by Cutie on FV

Peego's wife is the stone turtle, Trina. They served together briefly in a war against a neighboring mammal-inhabited planet. Peego's planet is the only planet in the turtle alliance to be cohabited by mammals so they had some understanding of how they think, which was decisively helpful in ending the war. Peego and Trina have a pair of children, who were among a group of experimental hybrids between their species. They're not genetically related to their parents, but have been raised by them their entire lives because of Peego and Trina's sociology and medical backgrounds.

Here's the mammalian enemy:

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