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User ID: #9762
Username: Helviti
Last Online: 29 Apr 2022, 4:15 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:03 pm

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Heyo! I am a 23 year old digital/traditional artist from the Faroe Islands!

I am not very comfortable with the furry label but I very much enjoy drawing creepy animals and sharing art as well as lurking in forums! Might even post? It could happen, who knows?

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    • I adore all your painties and your art style oh my gosh

    • You got some Cool Art here, yes indeed

    • Aww, thank you! Have a lovely day!

    • -breaks into your house and steals your painties-

    • FIGHTS

    • Do you do commissions? I'm in love with your art style

    • Hey there semi-neighbor, greetings from Iceland xD was wondering if your username was Icelandic, close enough it seems

    • omg Deer it's Purple! I love your art style can I have it ok thanks

    • Your characters really stand out! Very cool stuff!

    • All of your characters are gorgeous. I love your art style.

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