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Villager: The Wanderer



Villager Info

ID: #103088

Name: The Wanderer

Gender: Agender

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 9 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: TravelInTime

Species: Red Panda

Color: Natural


House: FurCash House

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The Wanderer's very special treasure!


It was found one day, just wandering around, and was taken in by a small village with a few creatures living there. It has no name, it is known simply by others as 'the wanderer'. It does not talk about its past, and none know where it came from. It seems to have been made kind by its past experiences.

While it stayed in its village, it discovered its passion was building things, though it has tried other pastimes before! It often wanders off, perhaps in search of others like it. In its wanders, it passes through other settlements, helping as it can.

It loves helping out, so if your home needs repairs, give it a call! it'll help as fast as it possibly can! Actually, it spends so much time helping other people, it forgets to help the villagers that live in its town... we're going to have to work on that

Its speech is becoming slowly worse as it stays in its village, perhaps it will find something in its travels that will help it remember how to speak?

Its current appearance is a red panda, it seems to have trouble finding its true form as of now. It would appreciate help, if you are willing to offer it. (I would add a paintie if I could afford one)

It found a Friend. Its Friend reminds it to check on its village homes every now and then in case they break. Its Friend helps it find its way back to the village, so it doesn't wander off and cause panicked search parties again.

The Wanderer seems to have gotten itself into a pickle! It now needs to make a list to remember what it has to fix next!
Currently pending:
Up next:
Waiting list:

Likes: Shiny Things
Dislikes: Wings

Comments 17

    • *sniff*
      *chomp chomp chomp*
      You come back to a pile of saucy woodchips. Poly is nowhere to be found. How odd!

    • All nine of the fox's tails wag happily. "Thank you!"

    • "Well ain't you the answer to my prayers? I've been thinkin' of havin' my home fixed up,I just haven't had the money! I'd love to have it fixed!"

    • she purrs, smiling at the red panda fondly. “sure, what do i have to lose? i’ve been thinking about an expansion anyway.”

    • "That's very kind of you!", says the little creature.
      "But my home has been in this state for quite some time now. I've gotten used to it, plus the holes in the roof are excellent at providing light for my herbs!"

    • Oh, gosh I didn't realize! ♡ So sorry! Could you fix Apollo's house, if you don't mind?

    • The small Manokit smiled sheepishly, ``Hey! Could you fix my house? I'll give you something cuddly if you do..!``

      (I'm so sorry to bother you hah I'll be making Pocari into a Construction worker ^^)

    • "Thanks so much! It's very warm and I can get to work again!" <3

      (Thanks a lot, I'll repay you somehow! <3)

    • (Oops, sorry hah) "Coyote needs a little place to cook, if you don't mind!" (Sorry for not explaining further aah)

    • "I'd love if you could be able to fix up my friends house! You don't have to but they're getting cold.." <3

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