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Villager: Tobias

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ID: #109124

Name: Tobias

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Amerlex

Species: Mustelid

Color: Chocolate


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 17 Jul 2016, 3:08 pm

Likes: 47 ♥

Tags: spots glasses ferret teal

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"Holy cow, look at this rock! <3"
Dork | EXPLORER | Coward



Well that is new, someone is looking in your trashcan down at you.. Yawn...

WAIT SOMEONE IS GONNA TAKE MY HOME AWAY! You feel your mind scream at you, blood pounding in your ears from your heartbeat.

It was so sudden but you really have nothing you can do but attack the intruder. You were staying in a small trashcan, its not really like you have room to run away.

You slam your hand into their face and blood sprays your fur when they let out a guttural snarl. Great this is how you die. Living in a trash can behind a bakery and you get killed by some vagrant looking to loot you.

There is a struggle and soon the claws go away, and there are just weak slaps and you find them staring at you. There is a pained expression on their face and you feel their cold purple eyes travel over your fur. You probably look pretty gross but not any worse than they do.

You think they are supposed to be some shade of brown, but they are covered in mud and what smells like sewage. Lumps of fur falling out because their skin is so damp, you kinda feel bad for attacking them, they remind you of yourself a little bit, just lost and hungry...

You choke out a small sob, god you are a monster what are you even doing, randomly attacking people in the streets like an animal. You feel their paw take yours, oh... they are warm... You hiccup a bit. Shoot this is pretty embarrassing actually...


You look down at them confused, maybe this isn't going as bad as you thought.

"...My name is Casey..."

Your mouth is dry, dang when was the last time you had something to drink... "Tobias... My name is Tobias"

You feel the words just pour out of your mouth. Sudden and violent, Word vomit.

"Jesus I am so damn sorry, I just... I cant see very well and I thought you were gonna take my trashcan..." Your claws drag on the matted fur of your thighs "Its all I have, Its all I FREAKING HAVE... you cant take it.... please...." and you tremble again and feel their warm paw on your back. mmmf... that feels kinda nice... That is until they start talking.

"you damn pansy, shush! You are making people look down the alley way"

You giggle a bit, wow is that how they make someone feel better? Who even is this person, you just attacked them and now they are trying to make YOU feel better. What even is today.

They look up at you and say "Look Toby we are going to die"

You feel some snow fall onto your whiskers and you just wail. God why did they have to remind you. The bakery is nice, you can get food from the cans, but water is so rare in the city, you are so so thirsty, and it hits you that even though you are "crying" there is no tears, and that just makes you sob harder.

"NO You stop! I am gonna take care of you stop crying you blubbering butt cheek!" Now they are screaming, their voice hitches a bit in the middle, and they are looking up at you trying to keep you from falling to pieces.

This is just crazy, why would they want to help you, you bark out a single HA and look down at them "You... are gonna take care of me? Look at you. You smell like you crawled out of a sewer and then screwed a mop for funsies"

They glace away nervously, at least you arn't the only one feeling awkward about this "Well, if anything we don't have to do this BS alone anymore...Dude you were living in a trashcan..."

You sneer. Like really how dare they. "Well where would you live princess?"

Suddenly their eyes glaze over, they go rigid and you think they are about to have a seizure or something. Suddenly however, their tail sways a little and they beam up at you.

"Its a stupid idea" A chuckle rising from their throat "but after this winter... we should head to the county"

Oh that's ok, they have just gone nutters. You stand up and start to walk away and they grab your tail gently.

"No no no, listen clearly the city has food but is this even really living? We look like bags of bones covered in cheap faux fur. Think of bathing in the river, and we can gather things from the woods. Shoot we can find others like us, wandering the streets and have them come and help out! We could make a whole village!" Now they are standing, a grin stretched over their face.

"Just trust me Toby, this winter is gonna really suck... but things will get better"


You pop your head out of a bush, a handful of Ploofball seeds rolling around in your palm. Popping a few raw seeds in your mouth you savor the taste, crunchy and a little like biting the top off a dandelion, but its taste reminds you of the only home you have ever known.

You see Casey waving at you from the river, wet fur plastered to their forehead and they- she screams at you to come join her. Its just the two of yall now, but she has plans of recruiting others. You don't remember running over to meet her, but the water is frigid, still cold from the winter, but its clean, and its all yours.

And you laugh into the sky at how this all started thanks to a fight in an alley way.




Pronouns: He/His

Found items: Over 2k

Likes: Rocks (he has a rock collection don't you know?), warm sunshine, and long baths

Dislikes: He doesn't really like vegetables, but he loves to chew on seeds



By: Vivaere

By: Bowno

By: Me


BONUS: I am also open for paintie commissions! Please see my profile for premades, and message me for pricing and junk! :D

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    • WHAT A CUTIE wow <3

    • What to says dude cool page, nice story and such adorable char. You did a great job, really. Well done! ^=^

    • Fantastic profile!

    • Love the character design and the story.

    • love the story, but its a bit hard to read in the current tense it is in!! (not trying to slam on it, just giving constructive criticism)

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