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Villager: Ash



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ID: #10956

Name: Ash

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 7 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Razz

Species: Bat

Color: Gray Headed


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 15 Oct 2018, 4:26 pm

Likes: 10 ♥

Tags: bat razz pallid bat hot mess ash the bat ash bat

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Ash looks stunning!

Ash's very special treasure!


Ash | Pallid Bat | Cis/Pansexual | She/Her

A fursona based on myself. Ash is a pallid bat who is ironically afraid of heights and tends to have somewhat poor hearing despite her large ears. Her ears are better at picking up certain frequencies rather than actually hearing a conversation. She is nocturnal yet afraid of the dark, usually keeping a night light on somewhere if the room is too dark. She is very near sighted and prefers wearing glasses since contacts irritate her eyes. Despite her big clumsy wings, she is very good at playing video games and enjoys to draw, though, her wings to make her rather clumsy and she tends to trip over them often. She has severe social anxiety and will have a panic attack over a simple phone call or being put in a situation where she is alone in a crowd. She will attach to one person she knows if she is alone in a strange place. She has trouble making friends since when she meets someone new she panics and tends to let words spill from her mouth without filter.
She has a rather poor relationship with her father, but is very close with her mother.
She suffers from anxiety, depression, ptsd, and hypoglycemia, but manages it all fairly well.... when she's not forgetting to eat then fainting.
Despite her anxiety, she is extremely outspoken when she sees another being mistreated or is facing injustices. During these moments, her voice will get startlingly loud. It's one of the few times she's actually brave.

Credit: milkluv.tumblr.com
Credit: Ruedi-cass.tumblr.com
Credit: phoenixfiree.deviantart.com
Credit: me & witchyvibes
Credut: StitchSwirl
Credit: Shortcakes
Credit: my friend Rhiannon

Ash is the youngest of my characters, but definitely my favorite. She is just a little over a year and a half old. She came about when I decided to make myself into the animal I thought I'd be if society had somehow evolved to that of Zootopia instead of humans (Zootopia had just come out, I think?). I found that my habits fit a bat or a sloth more than anything else, but sloths seemed a bit too slow for me. So I went with bat. To be precise, she's a Pallid Bat. A bat known for having enormous ears. Also, they're cute as fuck and I love them. Since she had originally been doodled as a little Zootopia curiosity piece, I gave her the shortened version of my real name and then just dropped it. But I found that I enjoyed drawing her and I thought she was hella cute. So I decided to develop her into an actual OC instead of a little doodle. Her story isn't fully fleshed out, yet, but alot of her personality is based off of myself. Sometimes, I'll change her hairstyle to match my current hairstyle, but usually she keeps her long red hair, since that was my style for a long time. She is definitely my favorite of my characters and I absolutely love her and honestly, making her has helped me with some self love issues I've had.

She's also scared of heights and frequently trips over her own wings.
Her height is 5'1", 5'10" if including the ears

She only ever wears pajamas. Her favorite set being a pair of ice cream pajamas that say "Hot Mess"



Comments 10

    • Omg i looked up pallid bats and whoops new oc

    • (okay that 100% child abuse wtf you could have gone into a coma or something, injured yourself fainting WTF :/ )

      yes I've had them once they're so good, sobs. I also like to be bad and get the mini brownies and dip them in there.

    • (I've nearly fainted quite a few times but I've only actually fainted once and it was so bad I gave myself a concussion and a skull fracture ugh) Yes!!!!


    • (chamomile tea is SOOOO good for the stomach issues ugh, also yes I feel i had a hypo incident last night after going for a walk and it's always awful :c ) they make smores flavored pudding cups too i think I've seen them at the shops. ughhhh I don't even have any mix pudding I could make ;~;

    • (rodney has hypoglycemia because for a long time i was insulin resistant, since I'm now diabetic I have to watch my calories which-) and pudding cups are actually really low sugar considering how sweet they are, so it won't spike you into hyperglycemia either. man i want a pudding cup now. sobs

    • dark chocolate pudding cups, and you dunk the granola bar in them. yes, yes good.

    • granola bars and fruit juice sobs

    • like we should start a club but i feel like the amount of flightless, anxious, hypoglycemic bats might be lower than I feel it should be

    • I feel a personal connection with that shirt. (also nice glitch mob song a+ )

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