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Villager: Matron Dhaunarra Oussrret

Szinraen Myana


Villager Info

ID: #163493

Name: Matron Dhaunarra Oussrret

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 9 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Drac-avian_Icicles

Feast Points: 0 (1129 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 15 Nov 2016, 8:56 pm

Likes: 88 ♥

Tags: jewelry spider feral commission loafy drider

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Matron Dhaunarra Oussrret looks stunning!


Race: Spider woman (Unholy Drider) Shapeshifter
Forms prefferred: Drow, Drider, and Giant Spider (Pictured)
leader of the Divine Orbs,
Dhaunarra, Matron Mother of House Oussrret

Dhaunarra (Dhaun- plague, -arra Queen/queen of)
Oussrret (Ouss- Heirs to, -rret the void)

City she is from:
Ardulxae (Ardul- Divine, -xae-Orbs)
Lore coming

Lord Knox(@stellarhyena)

Hero who won't stop trying to twart her plans: Ji-Min Gang (Pretty-Pink-Princess )

Has eight daughters and two sons:
Has had 3 Patrons(husbands):discovered by Lord Knox(@stellarhyena)
Her saggitari form [email protected] StellarHyena
Voice claim: Emma Watson ?haven't decided...

Pet (Drow)
Szinraen of House Myana
Szinraen (Szin- Joy/Pleasure, -raen apostle/diciple)
House Myana (My- Honored of, -ana the night)

Tributes to her greatness always accepted

A poem by mon1496 :
"Spider woman, Unholy Drider
Shapeshifter, drow, and giant spider.
Matron Dhaunarra Oussrret
Heir to the void
queen of the plague
let her bring the fire from hell
Let her people do tell
the stories of her deeds.
So everyone believes she is truly
the Chosen of the Spider Queen"

(Same author)
Matron Dhaunarra Oussrret
Giant Spider , Giant Spider
Matron Dhaunarra Oussrret
Is more than she appears.
watch out for her pretty face
Pretty face, pretty face
watch out for her pretty face
for it contains sharp teeth .

She is more than just a drow
just a drow, just a drow
she is more than just a drow
don't be fooled by her looks
She is pretty but terrifying
terrifying, terrifying
She is pretty but terrifying
She's spider and a drow

Dhaunarra beauty is unmatched
is unmatched, is unmatched
Dhaunarra beauty is unmatched
So people do attest.
Please friends don't dare cross
Don't dare cross, Don't dare cross
for you could never win

Matron Dhaunarra Oussrret
Oussrret , Oussrret
Matron Dhaunarra Oussrret
Is more than she appears.
watch out for her pretty face
Pretty face, pretty face
watch out for her pretty face
for it contains sharp teeth .

RNG by http://drowcampaign.roleplaynexus.com/drowlanguage.html

Feral Paintie by Loafy
waiting for Drider paintie

toyhou.se references

Playlist based on name, by MaiCometShard
don't mean anything - blink-182
hellfire - barns courtney
arcand - calling all captains
under the knife - rise against
not over you - gavin degraw
avalanche - bring me the horizon
red balloon - never shout never
reverse this curse - escape the fate
almost over - hedley

2197853_BWmxZ1VU2nQuU0b.png by digitalxparadise89

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    • Yes. Just- yes.

    • Knox rumbled, somewhat of a greeting habit for the king. "Ah, greetings. I just wanted to check in, see how you are."

  • Comment has been hidden

    • What a perfect and beautiful creature you are!

    • So many 8legged amigos!
      Your greatness is worthy of more than I offer, but I heard you like puns . . .
      " One nice thing about egotists:
      they don't talk about other people."

    • Why, yes, I do. My Drider form is of a tall elf like creature with dark blue spiky hair and piercing blue eyes with the body of the form you see now.

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