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User ID: #52409
Username: Drac-avian_Icicles
Gender: Genderfae
Last Online: 2 Jan 2022, 5:33 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 2:22 pm

Profile description

Hi, I'm Drac-avian_Icicles.
You may call me Drac, Ice, Icicles, or Xanzith.
I do not use my real name on here for fear of some people I know so Please don't ask.

Far From *Home*/Female/ Any non-masculine pronouns

Quidquid latine dictum altum videtur~

Vivat Regni Glaciem Avis!

I will edit this as I go.

Flags by Lu

To draw for me use This link!

To have me draw for you, use this link

My dragcave babies:

I have a semi open species with HisPumpkin !
Check it out!~


fairy_by_mzza_art-dacwqc6.png Badge by MZZA

Original Beta "Anonymous Fairy": Agent X~ (Double Agent Fairy)fairy2_by_mzza_art-dacx711.png
93b006aa788743ce836636725dbd537a.png Helper Badge by rainbowpride

Garfield And Jet Catloafs by atheris

By RowanFyre
articuno_reverse_gijinka_ball_by_rowanfy shiny_articuno_reverse_gijinka_ball_by_r lugia_reverse_gijinka_ball_by_rowanfyre- lugia_poke_doll_by_rowanfyre-daho5tm.png

By FeatherWolf



--------------Stuff that stresses me out: (A contiually updated process)

My smallest shoe is an 11wide(US) and my current boots are 14wide(US). And yet somehow my size 13 dress shoes are too big... What's up with that xD #Bigfeetproblems #Bigfeetsquad

i think i made a meme but it never got off the ground. Feel free to use the original image i found to make something funnier.

But these are some of the stupidity I have wrought.
Round 1
and the really bad one

Hope you enjoy these garbage I made a few years ago. If you don't, make your own.
MTGmeme by Korona

Profile logo by Oni
CSS extras by noll

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    • Could you please join the fantiras discord so I can contact you eaiser

    • That's quite an impressive collection of items. 100% quality medicine is hard to come across, and legacy equipment is something worth showing off. I personally would rather start displaying drops from enemies, but then again I prefer to display my feats rather than my efforts.

    • Hehe, glad you like the games c:

    • Good Morning my nightowl!

    • Tyvm! Her name is Abigail and she is a very sociable party yeti~

    • Ah sorry i had the wrong image for your kit <3 I've fixed it. The name totally still works :D ! go take a look !

    • Thankies for the candy ^w^

    • hey there, its been nearly a week since i sent over the transfer for 163000
      are you planning to get them or would you like to give up the transfer? ;0

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