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Villager: Mr Nosh



Villager Info

ID: #167650

Name: Mr Nosh

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 5 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Drac-avian_Icicles

Feast Points: 0 (11 All-Time)

Species: Snake

Color: Cobra


House: Olde Foxbury House (206/250)

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Mr. Noshoulders, though he prefers Mr. Nosh, is a sunset/dawn colored bush viper with a bad attitude. He's very aggressive, oppositionally defiant(O.D.D.), and very terse(but not too rude) when speaking as he dislikes to be social. He tends to be very flirtatious with any other snake he could be prospective mate with.

(Male/Gynesexual/-might be- in a relationship with Chandra)

Gender: Male
Birthday: Aug 20
Species: Bush Viper
Orientation: Heterosexual (Uncaring so long as the partner can bear the eggs.)
Education Level: Self taught From Adventuring/Hunting

Build : large snake
Eyes: Hazel
Scales: Sunrise colors
Characteristic outfit /signature item of clothing: Sweater from Aurora nee Karia
Predominant features: Brightly colored scales, hypnotic eyes, grumpy demeanor

Grumpy, generally very angry.
Very flirtatious with those he could potentially breed with

Food: Fresh caught prey
Drink: Pure water, egg cream
Music: soft drums
Color: Dark pinks/reds,golden yellow
Animal: Snakes
Season: Late spring-Summer

Food: Processed food
Drink: Anything but water
Music: Anything dischordant
Color: greens
Animal: Birds
Season: Fall-Winter

Chandra (Girlfriend-Imoku )
Xanzith The Glacial Storm (Leader-Mine)

Matron Mother Dhaunarra Oussret(Neighbor-Mine)
Aurora nee Karia (Neighbor (Hate less than everyone else)- Mine)
Kinmizu (Neighbor - Mine)
Glowbaby (Neighbor - Mine)
Rainbow Rain (Neighbor - Mine)

Chi-Ano (Wary of- Mine)
Rowena (Wary of- Mine)

Theme Songs
(songs which describe their personality or past) *working on it*

Physical health: Perfect
Mental health: Perfect
Habits: Cursing, Hissing at people, Snapping at people

Relations (family, friends, enemies, etc.)
Name ─ relation (who plays them; if needed)

Name ─ relation (who plays them; if needed)
Cause of death:

Hatched and raised for a few days, then left to learn on his own, he grew up in a hostile environment, but eked out a good life. He felt the need to find a mate so he began his wondering. Found this village and thought to himself, "Vantage from the clouds may help me find a mate"

Exploring Quetzal Palace, Found a potential mate in Chandra

"During courtship, male and female vipers face one another, followed by head and body gestures, which allow for mounting. For example, males often approach their mate while swaying their head side to side in order to engage a female."

Comments 14

    • *Blushes* Even better after seeing you, my sweet Mr Nosh ♡

    • I admit, I'm not a huge snake person. I love the odd adorable corn snake or stately useful King snake, but have crossed paths with too many aggressive copperheads for my tastes. I say this because, I've 'Liked' your paintie <3 I think you've done a fantastic job!!! c=

    • Ahhh one of my favourite snake species! I love him

    • It's a sweater wearing danger noodle! I better not mess with them!

    • This game gets better the more I look around, but sweater noodles? I'm done. <3

    • Aah I see! Well they did a very good job. ^-^
      Eep! T-thankyou!! *blushes, smiles and covers their face with their tail*

    • Hello there, mister bush-viper, sir. I like your sweater. ;w;

    • even though he is grumpy i find him super cute! :3

    • Another sweater noodle omg!

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