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Villager: Judas

Villager Info

ID: #176323

Name: Judas

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 1 month ago

Career: Tailor

Owner: Cinderflame

Species: Gembound

Color: Aquamarine

Costume: Angelic


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1/50)

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Approved: 14 Sep 2018, 4:21 pm

Likes: 70 ♥

Tags: gembound cinderflame

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Judas is infected with Lycanthropy. Changes into a beastly monster after exposure to moonlight or especially frustrating board games. Howling at the moon relieves the symptoms for a little while, but use a Golden Apple for best results.

Judas looks stunning!

Judas's very special treasure!



Has Selective mutism, Only talks to those he trusts or knows personally

Lucifer is his boss.

May work in hell but isnt evil. (Gets upset when people call hell an evil place)

A charmer and a tease but knows his boundaries.

Skull on his belt is sentient and will be a voice for Judas when needed

Your 'Big brother' friend.

Has an unhealthy obsession with chocolate chip cookies.

His nicknames are: Jud, Juju, Juju bean, Soft edge lord.



Comments 8

    • ''do i smell a demon down here?''

      Enamel: yep

      *the duo is here in the underworld*

    • "Phew, it's awful warm down here.."

      Looking around for the voice, you catch sight of an amber-eyed fox making her way over. A pen is tucked behind her ear, and a red sketchbook is clutched to her chest. "Now, where did they say this 'Judas' was known to frequent...?" She flips open the sketchbook and squints at some tiny writing on a tattered page scattered with doodles, some of them more detailed than others.

    • Fire gasped.
      "...You are adorable. Can I say that? Because you are. You're adorable and fluffy. I'd kill to have wings like yours..."
      She looked at him, eyes glittering in astonishment. She had seen demons in her exploring days, but never one as 'kind(?)' and fluffy as Judas.

    • "I would hug you but I'm scared I'm going to prick myself on those spikeys",
      Airplane twitches her tufted ears and chuffs amusingly.

      (Nosering buddies!)

    • -Pats- "So cute and fluff. Hope your job is more fun than mine."

    • He's here!! Love this paintie QwQ ♡

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