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Villager: Zelfi



Villager Info

ID: #249101

Name: Zelfi

Gender: Unspecified

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 5 years, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Azelfion

Feast Points: 0 (3388 All-Time)

Species: Fox

Color: Red

Costume: Reaper


House: FurCoin House

Career (View All)

Zelfi looks stunning!

Zelfi's very special treasure!


Hi all! My name is Zelfi. Pleasure to meet you!

Comments 33

    • (thank you! he's a sweetie tbh)

    • Thank you so much for the compliment! I love Zelfi's about lmfaooo

    • Khav puts up his little fists "I'll show you precious!"

      [Thanks for thinking he is cute. Enjoy a 3.5 inch boy trying to pick a fight]

    • “Hoo Hoo! I can say the same for you, my friend~” comes a strange whisper from within the shadowy depths of Harkness’ face. Three eyes blink in what appears to be an attempt at a friendly wink.

    • Brynecol spots the fox and promptly chirrups, ducks her head, and says, "Hi!"

      (thanks for the comment!)

    • Ah, why, thank you! :)

    • Why thank you for calling me cool, But Please don't eat me I'm all sticky I'm no good

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