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Villager: Fade


Villager Info

ID: #263971

Name: Fade

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: Silverpelt60

Feast Points: 0 (3 All-Time)

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (65/65)

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Relationship Status: Dating Zaden because they're adorable and #Faden
Fade is a very good boy. He is loyal, cheerful, and painfully oblivious to the fact that there is evil in the world. He's not necessarily stupid, just so optimistic that he always tries to see the best part of things, sometimes to a fault. His loyalty and trust in others can sometimes be used against him as well. Whereas Tricky had enough guts to escape from the lab she was born in, Fade never left. Not because he didn't like the conditions there, but because he believed the people that ran the lab were nice on the inside and would be sad if he left. When Rain finally found him when traveling with Starscape Child, he was starving and ragged, yet with a dopey smile on his snout and a franticly wagging tail. The two broke him out of there, and since then he has been living in Silverflecked Village, happily spending his days frolicking in the fields or hanging out with others.

Fade, though he would make a great warrior due to his size and strength, wings, and dagger-like claws, detests the thought of hurting anyone. Thus he puts his skills to use by helping out in construction! Although his claws are unfit for hammering nails or the more delicate parts of the job, his strength is perfect for the heavy lifting involved and carrying around things that others are unable to. He also helps out in assisting injured villagers if they have gotten lost or been hurt in a natural disaster. He's good at following a scent trail and his wings can carry him for long distances, and he can easily move aside fallen trees or other debris, which furthermore allows him to help in the cleanup of the village after said natural disasters.
More lore coming soon!

"Kuu are very well-behaved and loyal companions.
They are easy to train and are quite smart! If you establish a bond with one, they will be your buddy forever. They will most likely squeak happily upon your arrival home from a hard day at work. Just be careful; let them near any gardening and they'll dig all your plants up with their large claws. Digging and storing their favourite items in the ground is a Kuu's specialty.


Paintie and Neolite species by @SimplySuburban !


Fade Scooter Zaden

The Holy Trinity

(Characters owned by me (Fade), nectar (Scooter), and Pretty-Pink-Princess , based off of a joke from the 'Ship Your Villagers' thread)

Comments 13

    • (Zaden wraps her wings around him and curls her tail with his longer one)

      "Awh, bb yyou know I love oyu right? I'd never give you away, even for all the money and wealth in the world. I love you more than life it's self I swear"

      (Bucking her head to his cheek affectionately, she soothed him of thinking she would be taken away by the other, bigger male)

    • Thank you!!(He's kinda mine too tbh lol)

      EVERYTHING ABOUT FADE IS TOO PURE FOR THIS WORLD! I want to give him all the hugs and kisses!

    • (aaaaa y e s! I'll add it to her bio too.
      Sure thing, we'll rp in pm's, so I don't flood his poor comments lol)

    • (Stretching her tiny wings out with happiness, she lets out short, happy meows)
      "Really? Sometimes I tell myself it's too much, but I can't help it. I'm glad that I've met someone, I barely ever get the time to stop and chat. I'm very excited already- I enjoyed talking with you!"
      (Zaden's ears perk with excitement, tail wagging faster than before, somehow)

    • (Zaden smiles brightly, her tail wagging as if she was a dog)
      "I'm absolutely glad you enjoy my tea. I am so glad that I have found a fellow pie lover! We should chat more over some pie and tea at a café that I know of, you seem like a very nice, adorable and charming person~"

    • (Zaden rubs her paws together, looking at the gift with pure happiness)
      "Now where did this come from? You really didn't have to, merrily just a thank you and enjoying your tea would have made me very happy! It doesn't matter, though, I find it very charming that you gave something in return!"

    • (Zadens eyes light up at the mention of food)
      "Great! Pie is wonderful... actually, food in general is wonderul.. still! I love making pies almost as much as a love eating them, but either one is very enjoyable. How about you?"

    • (Zaden walks over to Fade, a singular seed in her paws)
      "Hello there, dear. I must say, those are some lovely claws~ Here is a question for no reason in particular, do you like tea? There is completely no reason at all! Hm? No, I totally won't make you some tea!"

    • Iris's wings flutter just a bit. "Oh, uhm thank you for the compliment. You are very colorful as well." (Thank you! I love Fade's colors, they are really eye catching ^^)

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