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Villager: Pulsar


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ID: #374834

Name: Pulsar

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 2 years, 3 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Silverpelt60

Species: Wickerbeast

Color: Night Spotted

Costume: Galaxy


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (250/250)

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Pulsar looks stunning!


Pulsar is a winged Wickerbeast blessed by the Serpent itself. This change came about when Pulsar had been attending their first Serpent's Festival, and he had stumbled upon a scuffle. Two canid thieves were attacking an old snake. Pulsar attempted to intervene, brandishing an old Serpent's dagger that had been given to him by his parents. But before the bandits could pounce on the Wickerbeast, they were blasted away by a pulse of light and scampered off into the night, tails between their legs. When Pulsar turned back to the elderly snake, they quickly realized it was a miniature copy of the Serpent! The Serpent had created a miniature version of itself so that it could partake in the festivities without endangering Quetzal Palace, and appreciated Pulsar's bravery. When the Serpent asked Pulsar if he wanted anything in return, Pulsar denied wanting anything, joking that it was actually the Serpent that had saved him. But somehow, the Serpent knew of Pulsar's dreams. With another flash of light, Pulsar was glowing... and he suddenly had wings! The Serpent was gone, but one of his disciples soon found Pulsar quickly, as winged Wickerbeasts are fairly unheard of. From then on, they taught Pulsar how to fly.

Pulsar enjoys collecting shiny weapons, despite not being able to actually use them. They are a pacifist who shares the Serpent's love for animals, and various items with an iridescent sheen to them. Despite his fearsome appearance and large stature, Pulsar has always had a fondness for adorable critters and glimmering blades simply for their beauty, and is glad that his new appearance can match his collection's shininess even if his wings do make him a bit more imposing. Being a rather large creature, Pulsar was unable to fly upon first receiving their wings, but with enough practice was soon able to fly among the clouds. He enjoys hanging out with Angel Dragons and other winged Wickerbeasts.

Legacy Feathered Dagger: The first weapon Pulsar ever collected as a gift from his parents. It's useless in battle, but Pulsar holds it near and dear to his heart. He makes sure that its kept in pristine condition, though never lets it sit idle on a shelf for long. He quite enjoys using it to whittle, as making small statues and figurines is one of Pulsar's hobbies. He also holds it close to him whenever he misses his parents.

Mythic Serpent's Sabre: A quick exchange of a Mythic Serpent's Smoke allowed Pulsar to get his claws on his first rainbow weapon! Even though he can actually use this one in battle, Pulsar prefers to use it to put on a show! As it leaves a trail of rainbows whenever it flies through the air, Pulsar has taken to entertaining others by dancing and (carefully) waving the sword around. He's also discovered that attaching gems to the weapon can change the hue and effects of the rainbow that trails after the sabre, so you can bet that every time he performs he'll have a small pile of crystals beside him.

Magical Rainbow Friendship Axe:

Axe of Rainbows: A gift from a generous Blue Bomber Fairy! The last touch Thrax needed to finish off his collection, he's terrified of getting even the tiniest of scratches on this axe. This weapon is actually one that he prefers to leave on the shelf, only disturbing it when he has to polish it. It's probably the most beautiful weapon he owns, and he couldn't be happier about seeing it every day, sparkling in all its glory. He's happily dubbed the axe "Choppy", the only one of his weapons to have a nickname.

Costume gifted by Drake_Valos , thank you so much!
Paintie by @SimplySuburban !

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