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Chief Clawtooth Greets You!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 26 Nov 2018, 11:18 pm



Greetings friend!

You have the honor to be in the presence of myself, Chief Clawtooth, chief of Clawtooth, leader of the mighty people of Clawtooth, and patriarch of the proud and powerful Clawtooth clan.

I come to you with warmth and kindness, and I seek your help. My mate and I have traveled a long way. Our people are lost and certainly spread across your lands.

A great travesty has struck our homeland of Clawtooth. The ground trembled and the mountains shook, throwing rock and fire into the sky. Our shamans were helpless to stop it, and our sages warned that we must flee. And so we came.

Now I am here among you, separated from most of my people, scattered by the storm in the sea. I ask that myself, my mate, and my closest of kin be given refuge here as we wait for our people to gather and find us. If you encounter any of our lost comrades, please help them if needed, and direct them to their chief. Tell them that Chief Clawtooth is your friend, and they will treat you as such.

Once we have gathered, and the sages say it is safe to go home, we will return to Clawtooth with gratitude in our hearts. On behalf of my family and all of Clawtooth, please accept this gift as a symbol of peace and friendship.


While I gather my strength and wait for my people to come to me, please visit me whenever you like. My mate and I are legendary for our hospitality.

- Chief Clawtooth -


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    • Welcome, and don't worry! I will try my best to find your lost friends and help them return to you! You are welcome to stay at my village if you need somewhere to stay while on your journey!

    • The npcs look so dang good.

    • GOD i hope this is a new village I want to move here so bad

    • How much claw could a clawtooth tooth
      If a clawtooth could tooth claw?
      As much claw as a clawtooth could tooth,
      If a clawtooth could tooth claw.

    • Omggg they're both so beautiful!! ;w; I can't wait to see where all this goes.

    • this gorgeous lil shit makes me want a tribal cat (i've always found tribal things beautiful,since it's all very common in my area)

    • This is really cool, but I'm kind of confused?? Does he relate to a new battleground? New village? new feline / big cat colorations?

    • I really hope this means a tribal village is going to be added!

    • "My mate and I are legendary for our hospitality."

      [roblox death sound]