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The Lion Warriors have returned!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 28 Feb 2019, 8:17 pm


"Greetings, friend of Clawtooth.

Sage Ismene tells me that you have been very kind to her. She enjoys your visits. Also, do not fear the master of camel. He is loyal and resourceful, though he may be scattered of mind.

Sadly, the rest of my council is still lost. But I am pleased to tell you our scouts have returned to me from the west. They are Clawtooth’s bravest Lion Warriors, and they have traveled your lands by paw.

They tell me of Chief Annie and her giant serpent pet. They tell me of the grinning cat chief of the dragon’s maw clan. They have seen the frost peaks of the tiger’s eye. Chief Minstrel even tells me of an underwater village.

I hope to visit these clans some day. But I must continue to gather my own. News from Clawtooth is dark. Even my mate cannot see through the cloud.

Fortunately our scouts have found many of our brethren in the west, and they have returned many of our supplies. As warriors blessed with the spirit of lions, they thirst for battle. They would benefit from friendly combat.

Perhaps if you satisfy them, they will give you gifts from Clawtooth. When the master of quill returns, I will have them teach you the dress of our warriors. Some day, if you prove worthy of a lion spirit, you may even be chosen to become a Lion Warrior.

For now I bid you farewell. Thank you for your friendship. You are welcome to visit me and my mate as you wish. We both find your presence amusing."

- Chief Clawtooth -



Heya! Quinn here!

Looks like there’s some funny-dressed Clawtoothians wanting to spar with some of y’all in the battlegrounds! There’s two levels.

There’s a lower level if you want them to take it easy on you. You can get all sorts of Clawtoothy items, like these!


But if you also want a chance for lion equipment, you gotta let them unleash their inner lions on you!


The chief says that the lion guys will be around so long as they don’t have anything else to do. Also, sounds like if you want it bad enough, you can even become a lion worshiper yourself some day! I dunno who this master of quills is, but might not be a bad idea to collect some of these liony things!

Not me though. I’m not much a fighter myself, so you won’t see me there. Plus, I like being a squirrel!

- Hiker Quinn -

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    • Spirit Lions battlegrounds should drop Dehoofed Zebra Legs! Since @/Jzanky commissioned it and it drops from the feral lions in the Abyss. I think it would be a flavorful addition

    • Hey wait a minute, aren't those the custom gear someone commissioned? I thought custom items weren't canon! :o

    • These lion costumes are pretty nice! Are we gonna be able to craft them some day? :3

    • omg these costume designs are banger. also is chief clawtooth going to become the mayor of a joinable village? 'o'

    • Yea I saw the new battlegrounds not too long ago. Those quests were very fun :D

    • i need to learn how to do things

    • I'm still no good at the tough opponents. ^^;

    • I love the designs of the lion and spirit lion warriors so much!