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Furvilla is back! Big news!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 5 Jan 2020, 2:29 am


Ah! We're still standing!

Please allow me to extend my deepest apologies for this recent unexpected downtime.
We experienced several technical issues with our server, which are now resolved. All of Furvilla's data is safe, including your log-in streaks.

The Tiger Eye Peak Festival has been extended once more to January 7th at 11:59pm.

Please accept this following gift with our apologies. A fine trophy for your account, as well as some supplies to help you get started with our new update!


We decided to go ahead and do our previously scheduled downtime after the site came back online. So without further ado, I am so delighted to announce the expansion to the Animal Husbandry career!

Firstly, please allow me to introduce you to Warren, who has taken up residence in the vast wilderness just outside of Furvilla. You can access Warren's Forest through the career page of a villager who knows Animal Husbandry.

"Hello, Furvilla! I am happy to know you!"

Warren's Forest is home to thousands of animals in Furvilla, and he has created a secure and nurturing environment for them, safe from both snakes and recyclers. His forest is always open, for there is plenty of room for all animals who wish to live there.

Through your villager's Animal Husbandry career page, you may visit the forest and donate pets. Based on color rarity, you will receive a very special leaf. Save up enough leaves, and you will be able to spend them on some fabulous treasures in the Cottage Shoppe!


More items may be added from time to time to the Shoppe, so please do keep donating pets and saving up leaves. I would also like to note, that if some items in the shop seem priced quite high, remember that this is a permanent feature and with dedication goals can be achieved.

Pet donations will be shown on a leader board. No prizes come from this board, it is strictly for fun and friendly competition. Each villager will show up on the board independently, so if you have more than one villager with the Animal Husbandry career, please make sure you are donating pets with the one you would like to appear on the board.

Later on, new achievements will be unlockable based on pet donations. Don't hesitate to donate pets early, as you will still be able to collect applicable achievements when they release.

Other changes and updates:

- All animals now show color-coded rarities, indicating color and species. This color coding now also applies to all site items.

- Hallowed Potion and Breeding Potion now work from the inventory and on a pet attached to a villager.

- Revita Bite Pet Treats are now usable on a pet in your inventory.

- Pumpkin Treats now instantly domesticate a wild animal in a stable. The recipe can now be found in the Cozy Cookery.

- Town Hall link drop-downs have been re-arranged, popups concerning breeding items have been slightly redesigned for a better user experience.

- And the big news everyone wants to hear... Breeding odds have been doubled. Charges will remain at 100 per account per day for one week. During that time, we will be monitoring breeding results. After one week, charges will be reduced to 50 per account to reduce fatigue. Breeding odds will then be raised again accordingly. Our goal is to provide a more rewarding experience and help you to complete menageries.

This update brings me to some more news...

Serpent Festival Notice

Now that animals have a safe and permanent home in Furvilla, the Serpent will no longer be accepting them during the yearly Quetzal Palace festival. In fact, the Serpent has proven to be a picky beast who will only accept different items each year from now on.


In the past, the mechanics of the festival allowed players to hoard mass amounts of items a full year in advance to give to the Serpent, creating a situation where new and casual players were at an extreme disadvantage. RNG odds had to be adjusted to compensate for the large amount of donations, and the end result made for a very frustrating experience for every type of player.

We are aware of folks who have saved items for the festival. Please feel free to scrap your equipment, and donate your pets, as these are the designed permanent ways to sink those item types. We are developing ways to use scrap, leaves from donation, and many other items on the site for the festival. We are also being very mindful of all player types, and are relying less on RNG.

Our goal is to encourage players to play during festivals to reap rewards, and we would like to be a bit more generous with what you receive when participating. We feel the changes will make for a much more enjoyable event.

That's all for now!

Thank you very much to each of you for your patience. We have a lot of new content (code related, believe it!) planned for 2020. Our first year as site owners has been rocky with unexpected highs and lows, but we are not going anywhere. We will continue to work to make Furvilla a fun place to be, for anyone who wants to be in Furvilla.

I want to take this space here to thank Owner-Quinn for all of his hard work, time and love in coding these new features. He is a good squirrel. <3

- Aspen -

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    • i stand corrected, the percentages are fine. i just had good luck :)

    • While all the changes are great, i've come to a realisation that the higher color rarities don't feel as special anymore. I've bred a super rare every singe day since the site came back up whereas before to get one it took... about 3 days i guess? Considering the shoppe prices, the breeding rates are quite on point. But as a person who came back to this site solely for the thrill of working for a super rare pet this is quite worrying. My solution to this would be to maybe leave the rates as they are for common females but increase them for color rarity combos. Or, just to lower them a little to maybe x1.5 instead of x2. Thank you for reading :)

    • I predict that while it is meant with well intention that reducing the breeding charges from 100 to 50 will increase Animal Husbandry Fatigue.

    • Let us donate pets from our storage without having to manually send every single one back to your inventory and then manually select them all to donate?

    • i LOVE this new function, but i really wish that the donation page was accessible from the shop instead of having to change a villager to animal husbandry to visit it

    • My streak is gone and in pretty sure I logged in? Idk

    • So.... What is the serpent accepting this year?

    • JujuPlays no worries dailies were temporarily halted and login streaks frozen during the downtime to prevent people from losing their streaks. As long as one has logged in today one should continue getting dailies and progressing with login streak come midnight tonight.

    • About the daily rewards; I haven't received mine yesterday or today. Is it possible that the data has bugged out/the code broke?

    • i'm definitely excited for this update, finally giving common pets a purpose ;0;

      I think my only concern is that since the system doesn't take species rarity into account, and now that pets have been removed from the questing pool, there isn't much incentive to breed anything but common pets with the shortest cooldowns to funnel the most pets into warren with the least amount of effort. if there were even a small chance that turning in a uncommon/rare/super rare species would result in an upgraded color rarity leaf, it would incentivize breeding animals with longer cooldowns.

      though at the same time I understand that maybe a conscious decision, leaving rarer animals to be bred by those interested in seeking their colors to collect, rather than those seeking to maximize their leaves. in which case, disregard the comment ;w;