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User ID: #110103
Username: peachesnscream
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 15 Jan 2018, 10:26 am

Profile description

Non binary
panromantic asexual
art major in college
pls be my friend

big ol wip

Pink Moth!!!!
Ember Firecat!!!
Thylacine Pawsum!!!!
magic shifty plush
Calico Flitten
Coral Shrimplet
Cerberus Doberpup
Luna Flutter Bandit
Love Bug Kitterpillar
Lil Witchy Spooky Kitsune
Knife Spider
Pastel Flutter Bandit
Rainbow Pet Rock
Rose Breasted Cockatiel
Antlered Chipmunk
Smiling Kritty
Tan Hoppyclops
Royal Frogament
Baby Goat Battle Buddy
Battle Crown of the Baby Goat
Hallow Moon Lykoi

to do list
email about eglantine paintie
submit lobster paintie
spook factor paintie?

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    • Psst - if you have a villager afflicted with lycanthopy, explore the dark woods and choose 'the hut'. You will get raven feathers that way!

    • Hello! I dunno about ghosts and Bigfoot but I do think there must be other creatures somewhere else in this big giant universe we live in!

    • Ahhh! Well then hello it is very nice to meet you!

      I do enjoy cryptids, maybe not ghosts as much, but I also think it would be pretty silly if we were alone in the universe. I like to wonder, so I don't close my mind to any theories!

    • lobster

    • Congrats on Grimling, such a beauty

    • Thanks for the plague bird <3

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