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Festival Incoming!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 14 Feb 2017, 1:17 am


The yearly Serpent Festival and Gala Ball of Quetzal Palace are incoming! Like all events, this event will kick off at 12:00 PM Furvilla Time on the 14th, and will last two weeks. During the first week of the celebration, the serpent will touch down on Furvilla's mainland to meet and greet other villages. There, you can exchange unwanted mini-pets for exclusive festival mini-pets, and weapons/armor for exclusive festival weapons/armor, as well as Serpent Feathers (the currency of the Gala Ball).

This festival will feature a shop where you can exchange your Serpent Feathers for festival items--villager plushes, furniture, and super-rare and rare festival pets if you would rather outright buy them with Feathers than rely on the RNG. The shop is part of the Gala Ball, which begins on the 21st. This gives players a week to hoard their feathers, then another week before the end of the event to collect as many as they want to get all the festival items!

Don't forget the mystery begins at noon as well! Good luck trying to solve it - and be sure to work together!

More information will be released when Ana stops by tomorrow! Have a good evening!

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    • *thumbs up* This sounds like a well-planned event! Thank you for giving us more than one option to obtain the festival pets!

    • (Also looks like this news was meant to be posted before reset, huh XD)

    • Starting at noon? I'm relieved and anxious at the same time XD

    • I'm finding it a bit unclear and I don't want to miss out because I failed to ask. We get a week to exchange mini pets and equipment for festival pets and festival equipment and feathers. The second week, we can CONTINUE to trade mini pets and equipment in for stuff/feathers, and we will have unlocked a shop for spending feathers on more stuff, or for the second week will we ONLY be able to access the shop that lets us trade feathers for stuff?

    • This mystery thing really has me on edge since I'm going to be in class when it starts. I swear, if it's solved 100 times before I'm even home the salt will never end

    • I was waiting for this

    • 12pm! 12pm! 12pm! Whahhahh! So excited!!

    • Very excited!

    • Whew! Can't wait :D