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Username: SeafiretheDragon
Gender: Female
Last Online: 23 Jul 2019, 3:48 am
Registered: 16 Dec 2017, 12:08 pm


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ePzrY.gif 3JmYj.gif s6Fgz.gif Pws2s.gif RiKU2.gif L5PDp.gif Kg8by.gif
"Don't die, it's very bad for you health."
I'm an active Furvillian who, as the name says, loves dragons. I love to be random and I love vines. "Mothertrucker, that hurt like a buttcheck on a stick."
My list of fandoms is long, but it includes Borderlands, Dishonored, Wings of Fire, Supernatural, Fallout 3/4 (also New Vegas!), Darksiders 1 and 2, Star Wars, and Arkham City, among others. I love to write and draw as well.
All of my villagers respond in character! Feel free to talk to them!

Basically my favorite soundtrack from a video game ever:

Things I would like:
Toothy Tokens
Any dragon minipets (rarity does not matter)
FD or FC
Halloween/Dark stuff

I was working on a story about FurVilla, with an amnesia-stricken protagonist and her sister, but I never got around to finishing it.

My first OC was a mary-sue. Yes, yours probably was too.

Well, aren't I surprised?
(for once, that is not sarcasm)

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    • Thank you so much for all the stuff! <3

    • Hi!! I noticed your signature and I wanted to say this in case you didn't know (if you do already ignore me haha) there are click sites for dragon cave eggs! That way you don't ever risk them dying :) I personally use Allure of Neglected Dragons, but there are more than just that one! Again I didn't know if you knew about them already, I find them super helpful ^^ I just thought I'd say that because when I first played Dragon Cave I didn't know about them and not many people talk about them. Have a great day!! I hope this isn't weird XD

    • Thank you _ @

    • Thank you so much for the wood OwO

    • Mind telling me what sticker it is you're missing from the event? I got tons of stickers I can see if I got doubles to spare.

    • You are welcome!

    • Alekzy I'm missing a few, but the only one I really care about is the Magic Necromancer Corvid Sticker.

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