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User ID: #110732
Username: CheetahLover6
Gender: Female
Last Online: 23 Sep 2020, 6:40 pm
Registered: 31 Jan 2018, 7:49 pm

Profile description

Hii. Thanks for stopping by.
I'm CheetahLover6 (Damn I really need to change my username...)
I'm a weeb and my current phase is Danganronpa... Sorry...
I'm learning Japanese. And I'm so much of a noob that I can literally only read/write in hiragana. So if you PM me in katakana/kanji I'm not gonna know what you're trying to say. I also don't know too many words...
I get bored sometimes (Obviously), so feel free to hmu if you've got something to share that you think I'd like to see. (Either on here or on Discord is fine. なんで?…#5281)
Yes, I play Transformice if anyone knows what that is. And yes, I use the cafe feature...
Oh, and I change my pfp a lot. The color of my profile will probably change with it.
I also draw... And can kind of replicate art styles...

One last thing, listen to these cuz they're cool:

Villagers 42

Comments 177

    • Arigato! <3 Thx for welcoming me ^^

    • omg u watched angels of death?

      (we need to talk about ships that shouldnt exist owo)

    • Hello Frend! If I ever have more extra crystals I’ll send them your way!

    • 5000 fc for a new villager- i really need to get grinding XD

    • i dont know if youre able to reply to profile comments cause im new here but no im not a troll!!! my friend introduced me to furvilla (their user is angelcakes :)) if its my villagers names im just not that great at making up names so i do random names B) hope you have a great day!!!! stay safe and ty for the welcome message :)))

    • yeah I threw 121 pages of swords in there

    • Feelin' the big Kaminari vibes today. I only got like 3-4 hours of sleep, so functioning properly? What's that?

    • Hello! I see it has been quite a while

    • uhh
      20 vial of green dye (more on the way)
      500 vial of pink
      140 soup
      1500 chocolate candycorn
      140 vibrant gemstone
      and 3000 steel

    • I have quite a few things on your wishlist! What are you trading in exchange? :)

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