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Im gone, bby.
I may collect event plushies still tho
Catch me on Warrenz, instead



I make all my painties and CSS Code

Waiting patiently for villager IDs to start starting with 333



Proud Admin and Artist of Warrenz
Paintie Coms And Premades

This district's name is "Blackwood" and July 13th is our Districts Holiday, The Lucky Day

Blackwood is located a few days from DMM's frontier and has a some high mountains near it wich they are mostly always snowy except in summer.

The small village for Blackwood was build recently, when the Pioneers Henuigi and Apollo decided to take (were designated) the terrible, horrible and very bad job of stablishing a small woodcutting outpost.
Henuiguis Magical Abilities and Apollos raw strengh were suited for the job, and both were desperate for income.
Zhareb an a couple of soldiers were assigned to them as security and then when out.

Zhareb was in charge of the group while Apollo was the leader of the lumberjack team

After a couple of years working at the woodcutter settlement, the three were fed up with the living conditions of the place and the extremely demanding and dangerous job. 5 people lost their lives between monster attacks and work accidents.
The remaining people started growing their own crops, building proper houses and towers and trying to make Blackwood a decent place to live in without having to rely on the capital or nearly villages.

The capital didn't mind it much as long as the quotas were still being filled and taxes paid. But eventually, Blackwood was bringing less and less wood to the capital, instead using it for their own needs as well as avoiding paying said taxes.

One day, a fair ammount of soldiers arrived at Blackwood, wich were defied by Zhareb, Henuigi and Roland.
Apollo hid himself in his house.

Zhareb and Henuigi brough their demands up to the sargent, who brough them both back to the capital for further discussion.

The administration then allowed to have controlled liberty under certain requisites.

Blackwood has to pay taxes, and give a general report to the capital every year.

Black wood specializes in wood and woodstuffs as well as food and equipment.
It is not a heavy merchant village and most of their income comes from selling their products to other villages instead of relying for merchants to come to theirs.


Art by the Tomato Fairy
Thanks a bunch!



Plushies needed

Painties List
Tabany - Started
Tiniko - Started
Bryonard - Started

Villagers 135

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    • I wish they would have given us at least two white breeding pairs. I'm just hoping I get enough pets today to start breeding tomorrow.

    • No problem! I had a hoard of extra candle fairies and used a bunch. Good luck with the rest of the event! Getting these pets will be a challenge.

    • oh my gosh you're such a sweetheart!! yes i love Wade so so much to this day, thank you, i put in on his profile haha <3

    • It's fine! I have a lot of leftover materials.

    • Don't worry about it. Just happy to help!

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